Hedsom SPC Flooring (Stock products, OEM Colors)

New Material, Good quality

SPC Flooring Applications and Project References

System solutions and customized details for project applications

SPC Vinyl floor Products & Services

Diversify Services to satisfy different kind of requirements.

OEM Services

OEM Services01

SPC floor OEM Services. Develope manage brands together;
Customized Colors, make colors group and managements;
Help design the packages according to customer's request;
Provide system solutions with different kind of accessories;
Help to do the test certificate for physical and performance;
Color and stock managements, profeessional export services;

Project Cooperation

Project Cooperation02

Provide stock floor product for fast delivery and shippment.
Provide customized SPC floor colors and patterns production.
Provide a whole floor system solution with different types floor.
SPC click floor in office decoration,renovation, fast installation.
Home, hotel, apartment renovation on ceramic or wooden floor.
SPC floor install on bare finish raised floor in office cabling area.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance03

Control SPC floor qulity from different kinds of raw material.
ISO quality management system to assure stablity quality.
Strict floor Quality Inspect and check duiring the production.
Different kinds of test according to customer or project request
Provide a suitable sulutions and guidance for applications.

Floor system solutions

Floor system solutions04

Provide the system solutions for different kind of floor system.
Provide the suitable accessories to achieve a good installation.
Floor trims and connection itmes to achieve a good connections.
Provide professional tools for SPC click floor installation.
Details such as cutting, skirting, curving, joints, holes punching.

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