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Is SPC flooring a good option?

The answer is "yes". Read more to learn about SPC floor features. 

· Material Safety

SPC flooring is made of stone powder and PVC resin. Products are fully checked during the production process. This flooring is completely guaranteed by the manufacturer.


· 100% Waterproof

The SPC rigid core makes the SPC floor 100% waterproof. It will be installed for residential and commercial use, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.


· Various Surface Grain

Wooden grain was chosen to satisfy the integrated interior design. The 3D pressure grain on the floor looks more natural, decorating your room with a luxurious wood look.


· Pet Friendly

Pets and children will run on the SPC floor, don't worry about slipping because their feet will be well protected.


· DIY Installation

This flooring is installed by clicking the planks together, making it faster, simpler and more DIY-friendly. No glue is required. Click together flooring is also called a floating floor installation, meaning it is not permanently fixed to the sub floor.


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