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Featured Project | Floor Solution to a New Office Building

This is the latest project for a new office that has just been completed. Let us learn from the process and you will know which service you will get.


Initial Request

The owner will start his new business and the new office needs to have a good decoration. There is a total of 1200 square meters, including office space, corridor, conference room, photocopy room, reception room, kitchen and public area.


Taking the advantage of SPC rigid core floor

Choosing the SPC floor because it is 100% waterproof and has a good noise reduction effect. Cleaning and maintenance are simple. The SPC floor has been durable for a long time.


Pattern Selection

The owner prefers wooden grain, and he has over 20 kinds of wood grain to check on site. He compared the actual floor planks on hand and the grain pictures online. He realized the difference from the eyes for the same grain. As a result, the color of SPC-13 was chosen. The pattern is attached for reference.


Preliminary Design

Hedsom's designer prepared the interior design rendering using the color of SPC-09. The picture was sent to the owner for review and it was acceptable. The key phase of the project has been completed. Left is the picture for reference. 



The installation team of Hedsom arrived at the new office. It took a few days to complete the installation. This team is experienced. They are responsible for cleaning before installation, process monitoring during installation and overall cleaning after installation. 


Overlook in Site Visiting

Invite the owner and his team members to come to the office and walk around each room. The owner is satisfied with this project. Below are the actual photos on the site.



Here is an example of a project.If you are interested in our flooring, please send us a message and request a brochure. 



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