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Why does the SPC have unique characters?

Let's start with the structure.

 The SPC floor is an engineered vinyl plank with a stone plastic composite core. It shows great performance and advantages in house decoration. Why does the SPC have unique characters? Let's start with the structure.


UV coating

The UV coating uses instant curing technology in the auto UV machine. The UV coating prevents the floor from aging and maintains the color of the surface for a longer lifespan.


Wear Layer

It is a kind of transparent membrane material that is outstanding for stain resistance. Consumers need to check the thickness of the wear layer considering human mobility in residential or commercial areas. Another function of the wear layer is to preserve the vinyl layer.


Printed Vinyl Layer

It has a wood-like appearance and high quality imagery, like the skin of the SPC floor. There are various pattens that can be chosen according to different designs. You will realize that the SPC is designed to mimic the look of real wood, but there is no damage to the forest.


SPC Rigid Core

It is located in the middle and is the key structure of each plank, 100% waterproof. It does not ripple, swell or peel. It's absolutely durable while installed on uneven subfloors.


Attached Underlayment

It is optional, but we still let you know the use of back padding. Here are some materials for picking, such as IXPE, EVA and cork. Underlayment is used to absorb sound while walking and add comfort to your feet. The thickness of the underlayment can be calculated into the total thickness of the SPC floor.


Click System

The SPC floor is glued down, and the quality of the click system makes it easy to install by hand. I mean DIY friendly.

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