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Why waterproof is an important feature for SPC Floor?

In residential areas, some water is often sprinkled on the floor, mostly in kitchens and bathrooms. Each plank is a challenge. It should be waterproof even if there is some water on the surface for a long time. The floor should prevent water from penetrating the slots so as not to damp the subfloor.


100% waterproof

The spc floor is a rigid core floor, stone composite material makes each spc flooring waterproof. Here is a short test. Putting 3 pieces of SPC floor into a pool for a week, there is no size deformation. We believe that even though the test time is longer, the test results will not change.

Waterproofing is an important feature when you face so many choices. I strongly recommend choosing the SPC floor. Contact us and get a sample. Remember that the sample is free.


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