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Is SPC floor phthalate-free or formaldehyde-free?

Consumers are constantly worried about the safety of building materials because they know they will spend a long time indoors. People will breathe and live with their children and pets. When they touch the SPC floor, the first question comes up: Is the SPC floor safe enough to be phthalate-free or formaldehyde-free?


Before answering this question, let's first research the SPC floor. It is made of stone and plastic, it does not contain any timber, so there is no additional formaldehyde in the production process. According to the requirements of manufacturing technology, it will add some annexing agents, but the amount of each chemical is under critical control.


The quality assurance officer of Hedsom will test each production line before it is shipped to customers. Hedsom claims that the SPC floor has been tested to the latest standards for formaldehyde, phthalates and heavy metals.  It is made of 100% virgin vinyl to ensure the purity of the products for safety and future reliability.


The Hedsom@SPC floor is phthalate-free and formaldehyde-free.  It will be a smart choice, which means you choose health for your family.

 Key Point:

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) Rigid core click vinyl flooring. With an ultra rigid core, 

authentic designs and textures as well as having a built in underlay, being 100% waterproof flooring and an easy DIY friendly click system, makes this flooring one of the best and most versatile floor coverings available.

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